The Charleston School of Law recently sat down with Professor Allyson Haynes Stuart to talk about her passion for teaching the law, her love of music and travel. Professor Haynes Stuart teaches contracts, civil procedure, evidence, information privacy law and e-discovery.

Charleston School of Law: Where did you grow up

Professor Haynes Stuart: I grew up in Walterboro.

Charleston School of Law: Do you have any pets? 

Professor Haynes Stuart: My husband and I have a seven-year-old yellow lab named Lily.

Charleston School of Law: What is your favorite place to be in the world? 

Professor Haynes Stuart: I love Spain. My husband lived there many years, and we have traveled all over the country.

I also love the Charleston area and that’s one reason that I came back. After being in New York for a long time, we’ve always gone to Edisto for vacations. It’s a laid back kind of place.

Charleston School of Law: What are your passions outside of law?  

Professor Haynes Stuart: I love spending time with my family. I also love exercising. I love doing yoga. I love music. On weekends we go listen to a lot of live music. I really have enjoyed the High Water Festival. It’s a great festival here in Charleston. There are a lot of great artists also who played at Firefly too. Both are cool outdoor venues.

Charleston School of Law: Do you have a favorite style or genre of music?  

Professor Haynes Stuart: I like alternative, so my favorite Sirius XMU channel.

Charleston School of Law: Bucket list items, things you’d love to do that you haven’t done yet?

Professor Haynes Stuart: I love to travel. I’m definitely going to Kenya at some point. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. I’ve always wanted to do a safari. I think the animals out there are just gorgeous. I think the land is so different than anything we have here.

Charleston School of Law: Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora?

Professor Haynes Stuart: Spotify. That’s where I have all my playlists. I also like Sirius XM SMU channel.   

Charleston School of Law: What aisle would I most likely find you in a grocery?  

Professor Haynes Stuart: Produce and fresh fruit. 

Charleston School of Law: Are you a podcast junkie? 

Professor Haynes Stuart: Yes. 

Charleston School of Law: What type of podcast do you listen to? 

Professor Haynes Stuart: I love The Daily by the New York Times. I also have been into some of the true crime stuff. I loved Serial. That’s the one that got me hooked on podcasts. I’ve listened to some of them about the Murdaugh trial stuff. One other one that I love is Rabbit Hole. It’s about the way the internet (and particularly YouTube) can suck people in and basically turn them into radicals.

Professor Allyson Haynes Stuart

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