Externships at the Charleston School of Law

The Charleston School of Law Externship Program provides students with a unique, real world experience outside the classroom. Through the Externship Program, students gain practical experience in a variety of legal practice areas, while earning academic credit.

The externship experience (a) assists students in exploring a particular area of interest of their choice at a field-placement site, (b) exposes students to the operation of the legal system, (c) enhances students’ practical skills, such as, communication, research and writing, and (d) enhances students’ personal skills such as poise and confidence.

Additionally, externships provide students with the opportunity to meet and work with members of the legal bar and their staff, which may prove invaluable as the students pursue employment.

To qualify for an externship, students must have completed at least 27 credit hours and  be in good academic standing. Externships are available in the fall spring and summer semesters.

If you are currently an enrolled student, you can learn more about the externship program on the TWEN Externship site. You also can contact Externship Program Director Kristi Harrington.

Contact Information

The Honorable Kristi Harrington

Director of Externship Program

385 Meeting Street, 2nd Floor

843.377. 4059





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