Katie Brown is the Associate Dean for Information Resources at Charleston School of Law. She earned her library degree from the Drexel University School. In 2005, she completed her JD with an emphasis in intellectual property law. We recently talked with her about life outside of law school. 

Where did you grow up?

Professor Katie Brown: Winthrop, Maine. It’s about 15 minutes outside the capital of Maine.

What are your passions outside of law school?

Professor Katie Brown: I do like to read, and I like to knit. But outside of that, it’s my animals. We currently have four chickens, one beta fish, three dogs and three cats. I think if we could have more of a farm, Leo (husband) would be very happy with that. He’s bugging me for goats.

They’re fun just to watch. The chickens are hysterical. the cat’s domain is our front screened porch; the dogs are great with the chickens. The chickens are basically free range and they like to nest on the railing to our deck. That is where they all sleep.

Did you have animals growing up?

Professor Katie Brown: I had a cat. We had one cat that lived for 20 some odd years.

With all those animals — chickens, dogs, cats, fish — what do you spend on a month on animal food?

Professor Katie Brown: The chickens are very spoiled. They get special crumble. When we get home, they get dried worms every afternoon. If they don’t get them, they will come up to the sliding glass door in the back and they will knock to remind us they’re waiting for their treat. The most expensive is our dogs because one of them has food allergies. She’s gotta eat special food.

Do you they live in a rural area where you can do that?

Professor Katie Brown: The thing that’s interesting about our street is part of it is considered Charleston County. It’s weird. We live on the side of the street that allows you to have chickens. But if you go to the other end of our street, you’re not allowed to have chickens. It’s one of those times when knowing about municipal codes was very helpful. As soon as we found out we could have chickens, we immediately went out and got them.

What do you do on weekends?

Professor Katie Brown: Hang out with my animals. I also love to play board games. We have friends that we go over to each other’s houses and do dinner and board games.

Favorite board games?

Professor Katie Brown: I love Ticket to Ride.

Did you play board games as a kid?

Professor Katie Brown: I did. But it was the standards like Monopoly. It’s funny because I recently found you can buy the old 1970s games. One of my favorite games is Bonkers! whenever friends come to town we always end up playing it.

What’s your favorite genre of music?

Professor Katie Brown: I like it all. I am one of those “old people” who still buy music through iTunes. We also have a record player and an extensive record collection.

What kind of tunes do you like to play on vinyl?

Professor Katie Brown: I’m not afraid of a good 80s hair band. So, I’ve got my Guns N Roses. There’s something about a record that just sounds better. I was from the MTV generation.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Professor Katie Brown: I have one biological sister, three stepsiblings and two half siblings.

Favorite food places in Charleston?

Professor Katie Brown: The Bohemian Bull. It’s a burger joint in James Island. It’s a staple, but it’s also super convenient. My favorite barbecue? I really enjoy Martin’s, which is Tennessee Barbecue. Their ribs are phenomenal. For dessert, I love Ye Ole Fashioned ice cream.

Stuff you said you like to read. What is it?

Professor Katie Brown: I think- the standard one is Stephen King. Maybe it’s because I’m from Maine, but I end up reading every single Stephen King book that comes out. I’m also a big fan of his son, Joe Hill. I tend to read in the horror/thriller genre.

Did you do something else professionally before becoming a librarian?

Professor Katie Brown: Yes. I earned my undergraduate degree in theater from DePaul University in Chicago. Then, I taught acting classes at a children’s theater in the Chicago area.

There was a gentleman who’d been an entertainment attorney who was on the staff at the school who handled all the rights: grants, copyrights, things like that. I started talking to him about entertainment law and realized that might be a career I’d be interested in. So, I thought I was going into entertainment law, until I went to a law conference where I met a whole bunch of entertainment attorneys. I quickly realized that I didn’t like the corporate side of entertainment law.

But I had a job working in the library while I was a law student and realized that was my niche. I realized I could teach too as a librarian. Before law school, when I was teaching acting, I really loved that. I loved working with the students in the classroom.

Professor Katie Brown

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