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The Charleston School of Law Catalog and Student Handbook is the official document of record concerning academic policies and regulations. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with the information presented in the Catalog and Student Handbook and for knowing and observing all policies and procedures therein. Registration at the School of Law assumes the students’ acceptance of all published regulations, including those which appear in this online Catalog and Student Handbook, as well as any updates, and all others as applicable in any official announcement.

Disclaimer: This Catalog is not a contract The Charleston School of Law expressly reserves the right to change tuition, fees, programs of study, academic requirements (including those required for degrees), lecturers, teaching staffs, the announced academic calendar, and other matters described in this Catalog with reasonable prior notice, and in accordance with established procedures. Therefore, information contained in this Catalog and Student Handbook should not be considered to remain valid throughout an entire program of study; it may be necessary for the School to alter program requirements before the start of any enrollment period. As noted, any changes will be published.

In an emergency, it may become necessary to adjust the academic calendar, move classes to an online format, or take other measures to ensure educational continuity. Such emergencies may be of a public health nature, a weather-related event, such as flooding, that necessitates the closure of the Law School building; or some other condition that makes it unsafe or impractical to hold classes as regularly scheduled on-campus. If adjustments are necessary, Charleston School of Law will make every effort to ensure that students have the ability to interact with professors, student services, and each other, even if through remote means.