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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Charleston School of Law seeks to create a campus environment that welcomes and fosters diversity in broad aspects. The Departments and Offices work to be inclusive. The Office of Diversity Initiatives carries out the mission by creating an inclusive environment on campus, in the Lowcountry, and throughout the State of South Carolina.

Diversity at Charleston School of Law is defined as the recognition of people of different backgrounds, socio-economic levels, ethnicities, skin colors, religions, nationalities, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, ages, and experiences.  Diversity includes differing ideas and points of view. The campus is open-minded, fair, encourages debate, welcomes differing views, respectful, civil, professional, and people are seen as people (not as a skin color, ethnicity, sex, or age).

The Founders of Charleston School of Law created this law school (only the second in South Carolina) to reach those who were underrepresented in the legal profession and to address inequities that exist among South Carolinians.

The Founders created Charleston School of Law with the two main objectives listed in its Mission Statement:

  1. To teach the practice of law as a profession, having as its chief aim providing public service; and
  2. To teach the law as a means of providing relief for those who suffer because they are helpless, weak, outnumbered or because they are victims of prejudice

Charleston School of Law believes a diverse culture and learning environment offers multiple benefits:

  • providing a safe place to share ideas and experiences;
  • allowing a place for common understanding;
  • encouraging people to work together with someone perceived as “different” or “other;”
  • encouraging the building of unity and strength among people;
  • providing law students and faculty with the understanding of different cultures and experiences.