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The Department of Career Services at the Charleston School of Law provides reasonable access to its resources to both students and alumni from other law schools on the following basis:

  • Services are available to law students and alumni from law schools that allow Charleston School of Law students/graduates use of their facilities and services
  • Reciprocity applicants only may seek reciprocity from one South Carolina law school at a time.  The Charleston School of Law will not grant reciprocity to anyone using the career services offices at the University of South Carolina School of Law.
  • A career counseling staff member of the law school that the student/graduate attends/attended must submit a written request before the student/graduate can begin to use services. Please direct requests by email; fax to (843) 853-6577; or by mail to Charleston School of Law, Department of Career Services,  385 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC  29403.  Please include a copy of the requesting school’s reciprocity policy and the name and e-mail address of the student or alumni requesting services.

Requests from Charleston School of Law students and alumni for reciprocity to other law schools

Reciprocal services are not available between August 1 and November 15 due to the high volume of on-campus recruiting. Services available to reciprocity students/graduates include:

  • Career Library: Resources are not available to be checked out.
  • Graduate and Student Job Postings: Access to job postings on CORE are accessible to students/alumni granted reciprocity for a period of 90 days.

Services are not available to reciprocity students/graduates include:

  • Telephones, laser printing, fax or copying services
  • Individual career counseling
  • Assistance with creating or review of resumes and career  related correspondence
  • Recruitment services and job fairs (listings or participation)

We reserve the right to alter this policy without advance notice.  We may restrict or revoke reciprocity privileges to any individual who misuses our facilities or services, or to any school surpassing a reasonable number of requests during an academic year which limit the number of requests by our students or graduates.

Please provide the Charleston School of Law’s Department of Career Services with the policy of the school for which you are seeking reciprocity. Many schools require that you seek access to only one law school in a specific geographic area at a time. Please direct requests with a copy of the school’s policy here.