Spring 2024
Wellness Kick-off

Charleston School of Law is committed to nurturing the well-being and success of our students. Our campus Wellness program offers timely, valuable care to help our students feel well and do well for themselves and others.

According to a survey of 3,300 law students from 15 law schools, the American Bar Association revealed ...

0 %
mild to servere anxiety
0 %
at risk for alcoholism
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suffer from depression

Wellness at Charleston School of Law

The Charleston School of Law is committed to nurturing the well-being and success of our students. We believe that when our students give more to themselves, they have more to give and contribute to our mission to serve the greater good. We believe in teaching our students to not only lawyer well, but to live well.

We want our students to feel well and do well — for themselves and others.

The Charleston School of Law community is committed to a culture of wellness that prioritizes the whole student.  The Charleston School of Law provides a full range of on-campus Wellness programs in addition to a variety of virtual offerings. Each program focuses on developing skills to cultivate resilience, growth and self-knowledge so students can thrive during law school and throughout their careers.

Fast. Easy. Confidential.

Have you heard how easy TimelyCare is to use? Get the medical or mental health support you need wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

Charleston School of Law students have access to FREE virtual care services through TimelyCare.

Wellness News

Wellness Events



Connect with your community at the student support group today at noon in Room 219. This group will meet for the remainder of the semester on Mondays at noon. You can drop...



MindSet is a new group offering practical tips and usable practices to help manage anxiety, stress and overwhelm. It differs from the Connect group, as that group is student run and led...


Christy Lorente

Assistant Director of Student Wellness and Success

Christy Lorente is an accomplished attorney with 20+ years of experience as a prosecutor, associate, and solo practitioner.