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The Writing Center supports students in their efforts to become better legal writers and to proof and edit their own work.

Writing Center Fellows are available for one-on-one, in-person conferences on a walk-in basis and by appointment, not via E-mail or Zoom. They provide feedback on grammar, style, clarity and concision, format, and citation, as well as discuss effective legal writing strategies in general. However, you must edit and proofread the document being reviewed before the conference. Only then can you participate in a collaborative dialogue about your writing and how you can improve it. Fellows do not provide feedback on content or associated research, do not proofread, do not edit, nor rewrite student work.

A Research Fellow is also available on certain days to provide research and citation assistance on a walk-in basis.

Who may use the Writing Center?

All students may use the Writing Center and may schedule a one-on-one conference.

How do you contact the Writing Center?

For additional questions, please contact the Writing Center staff in the Writing Center on the third floor at the end of the faculty hallway or at 843-377-2419.

How do you schedule a conference?

Please schedule a one-on-one conference with a Writing Center Fellow at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments are for either 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

How do you submit documents to be reviewed?

Please e-mail the document to 24 hours prior to the conference. Writing Fellow may then review your paper in advance if time permits. If you do not submit your document in advance, the appointment may not be as effective.

What writing may you submit?

You may submit any course-related document for review. This includes documents that have yet to be graded unless professors have stated otherwise. If you are unsure of your professor’s policy, ask your professor. However, reviewing graded documents is as valuable, if not more so, because identifying errors is the first step to ensuring you do not repeat them.

You may also submit legal writing samples from graded assignments or a legal writing sample from a prior job, internship, or externship. Students must obtain permission from their employer and redact any confidential information before sharing this document with the Writing Center.

What if you just have a quick question?

Walk-in hours are available during the semester.