Student Profile: Cade Gossett

Cade Gossett

  • Undergraduate: University of Alabama
  • Degree: Communications
  • Class: 3L
  • Student Organizations: Student Ambassador president
  • Internship: Ashcraft and Jarrell

Cade Gossett, Charleston School of LawWhy did you pursue a law degree?

“I really love helping people. That’s part of how I was raised. Blending my skills with my passion for helping people.”

Faculty relationship?

“My experience with the faculty at Charleston School of Law has been phenomenal. Coming from a big school like the University of Alabama, I didn’t talked to my professors in undergrad. However, the open door policy at Charleston School of Law and the community atmosphere is what drew me here.”

Was it a big adjustment?

“My first year of law school was a big adjustment. The faculty at Charleston School of Law helps you get adjusted. They take care of you that first year and that begins with orientation from that first class you have.”

What has law school taught you about yourself?

“I think that perseverance is a big one that I’ve learned about myself. The other is adjustment. I got engaged and married. There’s a ton of adjustments that come with starting law school outside of the walls of the classroom.

Creating study habits, figuring out what works, what doesn’t work, and learning how to adjust to different environments. It’s been a big adjustment. Getting married, starting law school, being in a new city, but it has been a great adventure. I wouldn’t ever have wanted to do that anywhere else except for at Charleston.”

You were able to gain hands on experience this summer. Tell me about that.

I’m working at Ashcraft and Jarrell in downtown Charleston. We are currently handling the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit. I’ve learned so much from the attorneys that I’m working with. I’m working side by side with law clerks that are also students at Charleston School of Law. So, it’s been great to work with my peers and alumni. I’ve learned a ton about the civil lawsuit process. The biggest thing that I’ve learned this summer is how to deal with clients. I talk with clients daily and that interaction and how to handle the different situations has been very beneficial.”