Law School featured in South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Charleston School of Law is featured in the latest issue of South Carolina Lawyers Weekly magazine.

Dean and Provost Larry Cunningham took part in a Q&A interview for the publication to discuss student success, his transition from practicing law to teaching law, and the future workforce for recent law school graduates.

Here’s a short excerpt:

What drove you to make the switch from practicing law to teaching law?

I enjoyed every day of the practice of law. As a prosecutor there was never a dull moment. I loved investigating crimes, trying cases, writing briefs, and arguing appeals. But I always felt drawn to the classroom and legal scholarship. As a student in law school, I mostly took seminars and grew to enjoy long-form, scholarly writing.

Classroom teaching is, to me, a lot like being in the courtroom. It requires understanding your audience, being prepared, and knowing what your goals are.