Application Tips for March 1 Deadline

The priority deadline to apply at the Charleston School of Law is less than two weeks away (Tuesday, March 1). For many prospective law students, the admission process seems daunting, but it does not have to be that way.

The Admissions Office has created some law school application tips that you can use as a guide to help you navigate the application process. From your LSAT prep to the exam, crafting your resume and gathering personal recommendations, these tips will help you prepare your application.

Each piece of your application is very important, some more than others. For example, when preparing your “personal statement,” Michael Banks Admissions Director at the Charleston School of Law noted: “The personal statement is your opportunity to provide a candid evaluation of yourself and to make the admission committee feel your passion and desire to study the law. It’s your opportunity to tell the admission committee something about yourself that they would not otherwise know from reading the rest of your application or résumé.”

We also asked students what advice they’d give law school applicants. “Be confident, but be personal,” said Kolby Karesh, who enrolled this spring. “Honesty is very important when you are writing your personal statement.”

Dylan McDonnell, a 1L, added, “It’s easy if you write the truth.”

“I took a lot of time preparing my resume,” said Clay Pritchard. “I would recommend that prospective law students list your accomplishments on your resume, it makes it ‘pop’ more.”

If you are planning to apply to the Charleston School of Law, remember, all applicants must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) sponsored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for the purpose of assessing the applicant’s capability of satisfactorily completing the educational program.

The Office of Admission at Charleston Law is here to help you and to walk you through the process. We want you to be the best candidate possible when your file is reviewed by the admission committee. If you have questions, concerns or just need to talk to an admission representative, please contact the Office of Admission by phone, 843.377.2143, or email,

The Charleston School of Law has announced its Spring 2022 Open House schedule for prospective students. The event will feature a mock class, Q&A session with current students, tour and information session on how to apply.

Prospective students will also have the opportunity to mingle and dine with current students, professors, deans and staff.