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The Charleston Moot Court Competition has been specially created to cater to competitors who have not yet competed in a Moot Court competition. Our goal is to offer students not only a chance to compete in a tournament but a tournament that provides unique resources that will help them prepare for other Moot Court Competitions. Students will have feedback on their briefs prior to their oral arguments. We also will have a panel discussion involving professors who have coached many Moot Court teams and attorneys who have extensive experience in appellate courts.

Below is the Registration Form and other important links. Please direct all questions to the competition director, Cashan McCoy, at csolmootcourt2024@charlestonlaw.edu.


The Charleston School of Law cordially invites you to compete in the Charleston Moot Court Competition. The Competition will be held in Charleston, S.C., Friday and Saturday, October 18-19, 2024.

Unlike other tournaments, the Charleston Moot Court Tournament will focus on first-time competitors and not any particular subject from year to year. Still, we are excited to announce that this year’s case will involve two First Amendment issues: A county election commissioner created a group to advocate for a fired coworker and ultimately gave a deposition in the coworker’s own case. The election commissioner was himself fired as a result. Advocates will argue that the county’s termination violated the election commissioner’s freedom of speech and his right to associate . . . or not!

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