Final Exam Week Library Schedule

The Charleston School of Law will hold Final Exams beginning on Tuesday, December 5.

The law school will offer students expanded hours beginning this Friday. Final Exam Week library hours will continue through December 12. The library will be open as follows:

  • 7:30 am-2:00 am Monday-Thursday
  • 7:30 am-12:00 am on Friday
  • 10:00 am-12:00 am on Saturday
  • 12:00 pm-2:00 am on Sunday.

Katie Brown, Associate Dean For Information Resources at Charleston Law, provided the following policies and procedures during this busy season:


  • Return all Course Reserve and Study Aid resources on time so your classmates and future professional colleagues can use them.
  • Enjoy using the two different online study aid platforms available on the Law Library Database page.
  • These platforms include popular study aids series like Examples and Explanations, flashcards (for use on your phone), and many other essays and multiple-choice question resources. If you have difficulty accessing the online databases, don’t hesitate to contact a Library staff member.

Study Rooms

  • If you have not used a study room recently, please get familiar with our study room policies.
  • The majority of our study rooms are for group study only. Two group members, one being the individual who made the booking, must be present at the circulation desk to check in and receive the room key. All members listed on the booking are to remain in the room for the majority of the booking.
  • Individual study rooms (105, 106, 117, and 118) are for individual use only. If you book an individual room and your study plans change, and you would like to study as a group, please see the Circulation Desk so we can assist in facilitating your group’s move to a new room if possible. Groups in individual study rooms may be asked to leave due to study room capacity.
  • Room 107 is only available for groups with four or more students. Four students must be present at check-in, including the person who made the booking.
  • Advanced Room Bookings: A study room may be reserved online up to 24 hours in advance by a group of two or more persons for a total of three hours per day. Bookings may be canceled if you do not arrive within fifteen minutes of your booked room reservation.
  • Students who have already been in the library for three hours may create a new booking on the same day at the circulation desk ONLY. You can do this during the last 30 minutes of the first booking, and the new reservation is based on overall library study room availability. Please remember your group may not book through the system more than once in 24 hours.
  • Please do not double-book a room or book and skip in half-hour increments.
  • Double booking means that you and/or a member of your study group have collectively booked more than 3 hours of bookings in a 24 hour period. Students are allotted 3 hours each for advanced bookings through the LibCal system. The allotted time is counted when you are making the booking or are a group member.

We have a limited number of study rooms, and adhering to the study room policies makes studying in the library during finals a pleasant experience for all. While we are more lenient about certain study room rules during the semester, we must strictly enforce them during the exam period due to increased demand by our student population.


  • White noise machine tiles have been installed in the library to assist with noise abatement, but everyone can help with surplus library noise by making sure to be aware of your conversation volume in the open library spaces and study rooms.
  • Always keep conversations at a low volume in open spaces and at normal conversation levels in study rooms.
  • Remember the library cubicles are located in the recognized quiet area of the library.
  • If needed earplugs are available to all library patrons at the Reference & Circulation Desk.
  • Additionally, exams may be taking place in classrooms located in the library.