Eberle to receive prestigious Whitelaw Founders Award

Charleston School of Law professor Kevin Eberle will receive the Whitelaw Founders Award at the 77th annual Charter Day Celebration tonight. The event is hosted by the Historic Charleston Foundation and honors “individuals, groups, or government entities that actively engage in the long-term preservation of important buildings and places.”

Two years ago, Eberle, a historian and active voice in Charleston’s preservation community, began a wholesale restoration of 5 Sheppard Street, a vacant 19th century Freedman’s Cottage after he stood to oppose its demolition about two years ago. When the BAR rejected demolition, Eberle worked to save every possible piece of the house and was steadfast in his dedication to its restoration and preservation.

“Kevin’s work is an example to the community that historic preservation is attainable and the BAR’s preservation requirements are not unreasonably burdensome,” said The Historic Charleston Foundation in a recent newsletter.

The Historic Charleston Foundation’s annual event celebrates “extraordinary contributions in preserving Charleston’s irreplaceable historic built environment and cultural character.” The Stoney Craftsmanship Award, the Whitelaw Founders Award, and the Joseph H. (Peter) McGee Award will be announced at this evening’s ceremony at First Baptist Church in downtown Charleston.

The ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. and the reception to follow will be in the garden of the Nathaniel Russell House will begin approximately at 7:15 p.m.