Podcast: Hannah Honeycutt

Hannah Honeycutt is the Executive Director of the South Carolina Access to Justice Commission. She will be the keynote speaker at Pro Bono Orientation on Tuesday, October 3 at Charleston School of Law.

We spoke to Honeycutt on the latest edition of the Charleston School of Law podcast to discuss the current “justice gap” in the state, the partnership with the South Carolina Bar to build awareness and access to low income families and the value of pro bono work through the school.

At Charleston Law, students are placed with attorneys practicing in the public interest legal sector and meet or exceed the pro bono work the School of Law requires for graduation. Students begin fulfilling their pro bono requirement after they have completed one semester of law school. To learn more about the program, use the link below.

If you are a Charleston School of Law student, you can register to attend Pro Bono Orientation on CORE.