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Applicants with an adequate background of experience or study, who have special need for a limited acquaintance with a field of law, may be permitted to enroll in one or more classes at the School of Law upon application with an accompanying statement of interest and a $50 application fee.

Click here to access the non-degree student application to audit course(s). Please follow the instructions on the form, complete all sections, and return to the Office of Admission by mail, fax or email.

Unless the applicant seeks admission as a regular student, his/her status and privileges are those of an auditor, and he/she will not receive credit for attendance or work done. Should someone who has previously audited a class enroll as a full- or part-time student, no credit will be granted for course work earned prior to matriculation. Auditors are billed at the current per credit hour rate. Courses taken as an audit will not count toward graduation should a candidate enroll as a degree-seeking student at the School of Law. For more information, please contact the Office of Admission by phone, (843) 377-2143, or email, info@charlestonlaw.edu.