Student Technical Services FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions have been listed below for convenience. If there is another topic you have a question about, please feel free to email Student Technical Services or call 843.329.1000 during normal business hours and ask to be transferred to extension 4050.

What are the minimum requirements and specifications for the laptop I bring to campus?

Mandatory Hardware Requirement: Student laptops must be Wireless N (802.11 n) compatible or higher and have an extended warranty.
Supported Operating Systems: The law school supports “MS Vista Business Edition”, “MS Windows 7 Professional”, “Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks” and higher operating systems. Other operating system editions, including Home editions, are not compatible with campus systems including current exam software and are not suited for today’s business environment.

What software is supported at CSOL?

Acceptable anti-virus software MUST be installed and regularly updated on your laptop before you can access the law school’s wireless network. Approved anti-virus software is freely available to all students. Stop by the IT Help Desk in the library at 81 Mary Street for assistance.

All students are responsible for having a “word processing” program installed on their computer. Most law school employees produce documents in Microsoft Word. Applications such as Word typically do not come standard with computer purchases. However, they can be added to most computer orders. Microsoft Office 2007 Standard EDU (Educational Version) may be an economical answer to your application software requirements. Such versions can be purchased online through CDWG, Dell, Microsoft, SDI, from most college bookstores or from the “CompuSult” company located near the law school at 244 Calhoun Street in Charleston. Tel: 843.722.0002.

Students will be required to install and use free exam software in order to complete any multiple choice questions that are included on their law school exams. You must download the latest version of the software prior to fall exams. Instructions will be sent out via email just prior to each exam period.

Students must run Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX updates on a regular basis, including the week leading up to exams.

Where should I purchase my laptop from?

Students are free to purchase laptops from any vendor. The Charleston School of Law has negotiated pricing discounts on hardware, software and services through several vendors that are listed below. In order to obtain the best pricing and services, you should purchase your equipment directly from the internet or extranet website links listed below.

*The law school recommends: ThinkPad T or R Series and Dell Latitude laptops.
**Channelonline and Dell will require shoppers to create a user account.

Please have all equipment shipped to your home address. The Law School cannot be held responsible for accepting student shipments.

Warranty & Insurance

Newly purchased laptops are typically reliable for 3-5 years given the added mobility of students which does reduce the length of laptop reliability. Students should purchase a laptop with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is very important to recognize that laptops are much more vulnerable to damage as compared to desktops. Aside from the more catastrophic events, laptops are prone to additional service issues simply because of their portability. They are subject to more wear and tear as compared to a desktop.

Will CSOL provide a loaner laptop if my computer fails?

No. All students are required to have their own laptop. If your computer crashes or stops working completely, we recommend you rent one on a temporary basis from a third-party while your laptop is being repaired. There are many companies that provide laptops on a rental basis and a few are listed below.

Please keep in mind, any rental laptop you obtain must meet CSOL’s minimum specifications. These specifications are listed above. Also, most rental companies don’t include the cost of shipping in the quoted rental price. Please be sure to factor this cost into your budget.

How do I connect to the Internet when I’m on campus?

The Charleston School of Law provides encrypted wireless access in all the buildings on campus. All computers must have a valid anti-virus program running on it before the computer is connected to the school’s wireless network. Instructions for accessing the school’s wireless network are located in the Library (81 Mary Street). For new students, these instructions are provided during laptop orientation.

How do I print to student printers from my laptop?

Instructions for printing to student printers can be found via the links below and printed versions are available in the Library (81 Mary Street). For new students, these instructions are provided during laptop orientation.

How do I access my email account?

Charleston School of Law students will receive a law school email account during their orientation. Official communications to and from all departments in the law school will be sent to this account. New students will receive correspondence from the Dean of Library and Information Services before orientation with instructions on how to access their student email accounts. The link for the log-in page is located under Current Students.

What is a clicker?

A “clicker”, also known as a ResponseCard, is part of an audience response system. Audience response systems, allow students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard. The Charleston School of Law utilizes an audience response system produced by TurningTechnologies. Using this technology, professors/presenters can make their PowerPoint presentations into powerful data collection and assessment tools, collecting real-time audience responses and dramatically improving productivity and results. Professors can author, deliver, assess, and report without ever having to leave PowerPoint.

ResponseCards: The Charleston School of Law utilizes TurningTechnologies’ ResponseCard RF (radio frequency) devices. Each student is issued a clicker when they enroll in classes at the Charleston School of Law. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain and keep track of their assigned clicker until they graduate or leave CSOL. If a clicker is lost, the student will have to pay a replacement fee. Please contact Jamie Hiers at ext. 2159 or if your clicker is lost or stolen and a replacement will be arranged.

Setting the Correct Channel on Your Clicker: The default channel setting for clickers is 41. If your clicker is on the wrong channel, the light will flash red/orange when you try to use it. To program the correct channel into your clicker, please follow the directions below.

  • Press the “Ch” or “Go” button on the bottom left of the clicker keypad.
  • While the light is flashing on your clicker press “4” then “1”.
  • Press the “Ch” or “Go” button again. If the programming took, the light will display green for three seconds. If the programming did not take, the light will display red.

Battery Replacement: Fresh batteries are provided in each clicker before they are issued to a student and are good for approximately 1000 clicks or one year. We do not expect our students to replace batteries in their clickers when they expire. If at any time you need to replace the batteries in your clicker, you may go to the Circulation Desk in the Library (81 Mary Street) and a staff member will replace the batteries for you.

If you have any suggestions for our FAQ list, please send and email to Student Technical Support and put “FAQ Suggestion” in the subject line.

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