Book A Study Room

Beginning Fall 2020 all library seating requires a booking. Bookings can be made in advance on this page or at the time needed at the circulation desk.  Facilities staff will be cleaning seats and study rooms periodically throughout the day. Please assist us in expediting this process by adhering to your booking time.

Please be advised that at this time, the library is unable to accept bookings for any student organization activities.

The Barrister and rooms M101 and M102 are available as open spaces for students and do not require a booking.


Study Room and Individual Seating Booking and Usage Policies

  • Study rooms and individual seats can be booked for use by CSOL faculty, staff, students and recent graduates. Students are considered recent graduates until the first administration of the Bar Exam after their graduation date.
  • Study room furniture and individual seating is to remain as is. Please do not move any tables or chairs. Seating has been assigned based on social distance guidelines and should remain that way for the health and safety of all.
  • All study room and individual seating requires a booking. Bookings for study rooms must list all group members who will be attending the session. All members listed on the booking are to remain in the room for the majority of the booking.
  • Students are limited 3 hours of advanced booking time per day. This includes bookings made in your name and the time you are listed as a group member on other bookings. Any additional time will need to be booked at the circulation desk at the time needed. Additional policies regarding advanced bookings can be found below.
  • Study rooms will require a key for entry. Keys will be provided at the circulation desk upon check in. Please be sure to return the keys to the circulation desk before leaving the library. All keys are sanitized between uses.
  • Individual seating bookings can use the email link, the QR code at the seat or the circulation desk in order to check in.
  • Study room capacities have been adjusted to meet social distancing mandates. Please adhere to posted capacities.
  • Bookings are approved and assigned on a first come, first served basis.  The Access Service Specialist reserves the right to cancel approved bookings if they are determined to be in violation of booking policies.
  • Failure to comply with room booking and usage policies may result in suspension and/or loss of the privilege.
  • Students with overdue items on their account will be unable to access the room booking system.
  • When necessary, please cancel with the link provided in your email at least 30 minutes prior to your start time. This will allow other students the opportunity to book the room. Repeated no show/no cancel may result in a suspension/loss of privilege.
  • Study rooms are to be used for academic purposes and are not for social gatherings.
  • Conversation and AV equipment should be kept at a volume that cannot be heard outside of the study room.
  • Food and beverages should be disposed of neatly. Please attend to any spills or messes before you leave. Wipes are available in each room.
  • Tobacco/nicotine products of any kind are prohibited.
  • All books should be returned to the circulation desk after use.
  • Please erase any work done on whiteboards.
  • Requests for reoccurring bookings and/or special bookings can be submitted to the Access Services Library Assistant for approval
  • Advance bookings done using the online system will be confirmed/denied via email. If your booking is denied, please check the email for directions on re-submitting.
  • A 15 minute grace period is allotted for room and seating check in. Following, the booking will be canceled. Cancelled bookings will not be honored.
  • Study room descriptions can be found on the booking page. Just click on the blue “info”  icon next to the room number.  Current capacities are listed next to room numbers, not the descriptions found using the info button.
  • Study rooms may be booked up to one day in advance using our online system. Rooms may also be booked in advance up to 24 hours, or at the time needed, at the circulation desk.

Policies for Advance Bookings Done via the Online System 

  • Rooms are booked in half hour increments.
  • Each student has a three hour limit. This includes bookings made in the student’s name and bookings the student is listed as a group member.
  • All fields on the booking form must be completed as directed.
  • Students listed as group members on one booking may not book the time slots immediately before or after the booking they are listed on. This is consider a “double booking” and will result in both bookings being denied/cancelled.
  • Bookings that do not meet the requirements will be denied with notes for re-submitting.
  • Rooms 108 and 110 may be booked in advance for individual use only.

Policies for Bookings Made at the Circulation Desk

  • Advance bookings made at the circulation desk will adhere to the same set of polices listed above for advance online bookings.
  • Individuals/groups who have checked into their booking may renew for up to three additional hours at the circulation desk. This can be done during the last 30 minutes of the first booking and will be based on availability.
  • Real time bookings made at the desk will still be done in half hour increments and will be limited to a maximum of three hours, however, these additional policies also apply:
    • Rooms are assigned based on availability and group size.
    • Students who have already reached the three hour limit on advanced bookings may still book in real time at the circulation desk if there is availability. (For example: Student X booked a room in advance online for 12-3pm and then returns to the library at 5pm.  That student may book up to an additional three hours, at that time, at the circulation desk.)
    • Students may book rooms other than 108 or 110 for individual use. These bookings will be determined by circulation staff and rooms will be assigned based on availability.
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