Spring Enrollment/2.5 Year J.D. Program

The Charleston School of Law admits students for the spring semester in addition to the typical fall semester start date. Students accepted for the spring will begin classes in early January. Full-time students who enroll in the spring semester will be on track to graduate in 2.5 years.

Application Steps

The application process is the same for spring and fall admission. Visit the How to Apply page to learn the steps you need to take to complete your application to the Charleston School of Law.

Things To Know

The application is available online at LSAC.org. You must select whether you are applying for spring or fall semester enrollment.

Students interested in applying for spring 2021 admission are advised to sit for the LSAT at least once prior to November 2020 in order to ensure they have a score on file for the admission committee to consider. November 2020 LSAT scores may not arrive in time for the admission committee to review prior to the spring semester beginning.

Separate applications must be completed for spring semester enrollment and fall semester enrollment.

November 1: Priority application deadline* for spring admission.

December 15: Need-based scholarship application deadline.

January 5 – 8: Orientation for new students.

January 11: First day of class.

*Applications will continue to be accepted until all seats are filled.


Why should I begin law school in January?

Save time and money

Full-time students enrolling in the spring semester will be able to graduate in 2.5 years. You will not only spend fewer years in school but also be able to join the workforce half a year earlier than the typical law student, thus saving money.

Advantage for working professionals

Not all incoming law students are enrolling in law school immediately after graduating from college. More than half of Charleston Law’s entering class had graduated from college over a year prior to enrolling in law school. Unlike recent college graduates, professionals are often prepared to begin law school at a time other than the typical fall semester start date. A spring semester start allows professionals the flexibility to choose an enrollment term that best fits their schedule.

Advantage for December college graduates

Students who are graduating from college in December will not have to wait eight months to begin law school. December college graduates will be able to transition straight from college to law school.

I am worried I do not have enough time to complete the application

Do not let the application process deter you from pursuing your dream of attending law school in January. Completing a law school application is not designed to be an overburdensome process. The Office of Admission has put together application tips to help you get started and stay on track. Remember, the admission staff are there to help you; they know exactly what the admission committee is looking for in an application. Do not hesitate to contact them by phone, 843.377.2143, or email, info@CharlestonLaw.edu.

What will my schedule look like?

First-year classes typically meet twice a week for 80 minutes at a time. Classes are scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Full-time students who begin in the spring semester will take 15 credit hours in their first spring semester and 13 credit hours in the subsequent summer semester.

Part-time students who begin in the spring semester will take 9 credit hours their first semester (spring) and 10 credit hours their second semester (summer). They will be enrolled in Civil Procedure I, Contracts I, and Legal Research and Writing (LRAW) I.

*Please note: the course load and schedule is subject to change.

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