Charleston Law shares tech success at CALICon

At Charleston School of Law, the learning experience takes place at the intersection of technology and the human connection between faculty, students and staff.

Dean Larry Cunningham and Adam Harness, Digital Collections & Initiatives, Instructional Librarian, shared the importance of finding that “sweet spot” for law school students at “CALICon” in Seattle last week. The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) hosted its two-day legal education conference at the University of Washington School of Law. The conference aims to provide a unique environment for everyone to share ideas, innovations, experiences, and best practices for application in law school classrooms to engage law students with tech.

Dean Cunningham led a presentation on “Using Technology to Enhance a Student-Centered Culture.” He shared how Charleston Law has implemented kiosks, digital calendar systems, TimelyCare (a digital wellness portal), Calendly, Microsoft Forms, and CourseKey (a student success platform) to create an efficient workflow, improved communication and outcomes.

“Charleston School of Law embraces a technology-driven learning experience for its students,” said Cunningham. “Our research shows complementing in-person interaction and technology with students is the most effective approach to a holistic learning experience.”

Harness’ presentation — “More Than a Library: How to Configure StackMap to Map Your Law School” – educated attendees on how StackMap is designed primarily for law libraries to assist patrons locate resources. Harness has also identified ways to employ StackMap to map the entire law school.

Cunningham serves on the Board of Directors of CALI, a nonprofit. “CALICon” is held annually and offers sessions for beginners to advanced professionals and includes a broad range of topics, from AI in the classroom to Video Technology. The sessions are conducted by real people sharing real experience creating, using, designing and implementing technology in support and practice of legal education.