Mollie G. Mohan

Mollie G. Mohan ’12
Associate Attorney at Tueth Keeney, P.C.
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Undergraduate Degree: Saint Louis University          

While a student at the Charleston School of Law, Mollie Mohan focused on taking advantage of the writing opportunities the law school had to offer. Mollie was a member of the Charleston Law Review and served as its Editor-in-Chief during her 3L year. She also published an article on federal pleading standards and another on privacy law and the internet.

Mollie knew that after law school she wanted to return to Missouri to practice. Each summer during law school she returned to Missouri to clerk. After her first year of law school, Mollie clerked for a federal judge in the Eastern District of Missouri. After her second year, she clerked for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri.

After graduation, she worked for two years at a large litigation firm. Mollie describes these first two years out of law school as “fast-paced and exhilarating.” She was in court two to three times each week; wrote and argued countless motions; took and defended numerous depositions; and even argued a case in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals. Mollie describes the experience as, “… intimidating, but a great way to get hands-on experience!”

Once Mollie entered practice, she quickly realized how useful the courses she had taken in law school were. Her Civil Procedure, Federal Courts, Evidence, Constitutional Law, and E-Discovery courses were “invaluable.” She describes the professors of these courses as “amazing” and stresses that, “the professors at CSOL really made the material engaging.” In addition, her participation in Law Review helped her prepare for the long hours she spends in the office.

Currently, Mollie has settled into a litigation practice where she handles ten to fifteen cases at a time. The main focus of her practice is in the area of employment discrimination, where she handles cases at the federal, state, and administrative levels.  As she primarily represents institutions of higher education, Mollie also handles cases involving tenure, wage/hour disputes, and constitutional challenges. “I love employment law and higher education because every case is unique and interesting!”

Her favorite part of her practice is her clients.  “All of my clients really care about what they do and have a great sense of who they serve. As a result, I always feel confident that I am on the ‘right side’ of the case. Even when my clients have engaged in some kind of wrongdoing, they are always willing to make it right.”

For those entering the practice of law in the near future, Mollie’s words of advice are to “find what you love in law school and find out how that skill/interest translates into a job.” She didn’t know she would like litigation until she interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and loved the courtroom experience. She also knew that she had a strong interest in research and writing and enjoyed her procedural classes. “As it turns out, my interest in research and writing, coupled with what my mother calls a ‘strong personality,’ were the exact combination necessary to enjoy and excel at litigation.”

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