LSAT Boot Camp

Looking to jump-start your LSAT preparation? Intimidated by logic games? Then join us on campus for our FREE LSAT 101 Boot Camp hosted by PowerScore.

Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.: LSAT 101, Logical Reasoning Causality, and Linear Games

You are also encouraged to attend an Open House on campus the day before, Friday, November 22. The event will include lunch with faculty and staff, Q&A with current students, mock class, tour, and more. RSVP here for the Open House.

LSAT Bootcamp

What to expect at the LSAT 101 Boot Camp

Session 1: An LSAT 101 discussion that provides an overview of the test and its sections, a closer examination of each section and the conceptual knowledge and skills specifically required for success, and a discussion of how the test is scored as a motivational device to encourage students to continue fighting for additional points.

Sesssion 2: A Logical Reasoning session explaining LSAT Causality—one of the most common elements seen in LR arguments—leading into an exploration of both Strengthen and Weaken questions, two types that typically exhibit cause and effect argumentation and that together represent over 20% of someone’s LR score.

Session 3: A session on Logic Games that tackles two of the “Big 3” types: Basic Linear and Advanced Linear games. Games tend to be the most intimidating, or at least unfamiliar, of the test’s sections. The discussion begins with references back to the 101 session where LG was first introduced, transitions into a broader analysis of the section as a whole and how to approach each game—including overall setup creation, rule diagramming, inference making, and question-attack strategies—then moves into Linear games, where both Basic and Advanced would feature, allowing a natural progression from two-variable sets to those with three or more.