Charleston Law Review – Notable Past Symposiums

Charleston Law Review and The Riley Institute at Furman present the
11th Annual Law & Society Symposium:

The Second Amendment 228 Years Later

Friday, February 8, 2019
Charleston Music Hall
37 John Street

Featuring Keynote Speakers:

Professor Joseph Blocher, Lanty L. Smith ’67 Professor of Law, Duke Law School

Professor Darrell A.H. Miller, Melvin G. Shimm Professor of LawDuke Law School

Faculty Featured: Professor Joseph Blocher, Professor Darrell A.H. Miller, Dr. Stephen Halbrook, Professor David Kopel, Professor Saul Cornell, Professor William Merkel, Sergeant Patrick Charles, Professor Adam Samaha, Professor Debra J. Gammons, C. Austin Elliott, Adam Skaggs, Representative Justin Bamberg.

  • Panel One: Stare Decisis and True Strength of Second Amendment Doctrine
    • Panel One will aim to find a consensus on where the law stands as a floor, but also dissect the various meanings that Americans attach to the Second Amendment. We also want to engage in a textual discussion of the Constitution what has given rise to precedent dating back to United States v. Miller and up to Heller and McDonald, while also distinguishing rights in connection with the Second Amendment.
  • Panel Two: State and Local Attempts at Gun Control
    • Panel Two will determine whether laws upheld or struck down around the country are in accord with the doctrine established in Panel One. Panel Two will whether the theory advanced in those cases is supported by Supreme Court precedent, and if those cases were correctly decided, and also explore any overlap in other areas of constitutional law.
  • Panel Three: Moral and Ethical Representation in the Second Amendment Arena
    • Panel Three will be devoted to the practical aspects of legal representation as it pertains to this regretfully partisan topic. Since it is an ethics CLE credit, the goal of Panel Three is to elaborate on best practices in dealing with the emotionally charged topic of gun control and gun violence.

View a recording of the Symposium here