Administration of Accommodations

The Office of Academic Affairs administers and coordinates accommodations, including any accommodation for testing.  Documentation about a student’s disability is maintained confidentially, separate from a student’s academic records.  The Office also makes every effort to ensure that information about an accommodation is shared only with staff who are part of the process of providing accommodations.  In addition, exams are graded anonymously, and an accommodated student’s exam has no mark identifying it as such.

The Office administers all scheduled tests and exams. In general, students with accommodations will have their scheduled tests and exams as published on the website although there may be occasion where a test or exam will start earlier than scheduled. Other information (location, etc.) about these scheduled tests and exams will be provided prior to the date of any test or exam.

Students with testing accommodations who have timed in-class assessments (quizzes, for example) must notify the Office of Academic Affairs one week in advance of the in-class assessment so that arrangements can be made to implement the student’s testing accommodations.



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