Charleston School of Law Academic Program

The Charleston School of Law offers a full-time and part-time course of study leading to a Juris Doctor degree.  It is expected that students enrolling in the full-time program will graduate in three years and those enrolling in the part-time program in four years. Students accepted for the spring will begin classes in early January. Full-time students who start in the spring semester will be on track to graduate in 2.5 years; spring start students are required to take summer courses during their first summer of enrollment.

Pursuant to Standard 311 of the American Bar Association’s Standards of Approval for Law Schools and Charleston School of Law policy, all graduation requirements must be completed no earlier than 24 months and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no later than 84 months after a student has commenced study at the Charleston School of Law or at a law school from which the School of Law has accepted transfer credit.

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Course Load

Consistent with Standard 311(c) of the American Bar Association’s Standards of Approval for Law Schools, students may not take more than 17 credit hours in a semester.

  • Full-time course load:  The standard course load for full-time students is 13-17 credit hours per fall or spring semester. For students admitted for the spring start, the first summer standard session is required and the standard course load is 13 credit hours.
  • Part-time course load: The standard course load for part-time students is 8-12 credit hours per fall or spring semester; for the required summer standard session for spring admit students, the standard course load is 10 credit hours. To enroll in fewer than seven credit hours, part-time students must first apply for an receive written permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Absent extraordinary circumstances, such approval will not be granted.

*For information about the Charleston School of Law’s Admiralty and Maritime Law LL.M., please click on this link.