Policies on Credit for Students Who Have Transferred to the Law School

Transfer Credit for Applicants who Transfer from another ABA-approved law school

A candidate who has transferred from another ABA-approved law school must successfully earn and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 if they entered prior to June 2019, or at least a 2.1 if they entered in June 2019 or thereafter, complete all required courses or their substantial equivalent, and satisfy all other Charleston School of Law degree requirements.

Credits for courses completed at another approved law school are evaluated on an individual basis for possible transfer into the Charleston School of Law by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Only courses completed with a grade of “C” or better are transferable. The School of Law will accept up to 30 credit hours from other ABA-accredited law schools, but will not accept the associated grades; rather, all transfer credits will be accepted, if at all, on a Pass/Fail basis. Accordingly, credits earned at other ABA-accredited law schools, even if accepted for credit at the School of Law, shall not be calculated in determining a student’s cumulative or semester GPA. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may accept up to 60 transfer credit hours provided any such credit complies with all other requirements of the Charleston School of Law transfer credit policy.

A transfer student will not be ranked until he or she completes 30 credit hours at the Charleston School of Law and at least 24 credits of the full-time, first-year curriculum at the Charleston School of Law. Thereafter, a transfer student’s grouping for purposes of calculating class rank will include both the credit hours transferred and those completed at the Charleston School of Law. While the credit hours associated with transfer credit are used to generate a student’s cohort for purposes of calculating class ranks, the quality points associated with the student’s grades at other ABA-accredited law schools shall not be used to calculate a student’s class rank.

  • Transfer Eligibility for Law School Honors and Awards

Grades earned at other institutions shall not serve as the basis for eligibility for any School of Law awards and honors.

  • Transfer Eligibility for Law Review

Transfer students may be eligible for law review based on a particular journal’s requirements.  Interested students should contact the editors-in-chief of the specific law review or journal of interest. Grades earned at a previous law school will not count towards eligibility.

Applicants with Foreign Law Degrees

Applicants who have earned a law degree from a foreign law school may apply to the Charleston School of Law. Upon written request of an admitted applicant, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may grant credit toward a Charleston School of Law J.D. degree for credits earned as part of the individual’s foreign law degree. Any credits transferred under this section must be consistent with Standard 505 of the American Bar Association’s Standards of Approval for Law Schools.  The request may be made at any time after the J.D. candidate has been admitted, but must occur at least one semester before the student intends to graduate from the Charleston School of Law.

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