Determination of Credit Hours for Course Work

Pursuant to ABA Standard 310 “Determination of Credit Hours for Coursework,” the Charleston School of Law faculty has adopted the below policy, as of November 2015:

1. The Law School will designate courses as offering a particular number of “credits.” Each credit must reasonably approximate at least:

a. 750 minutes (12.5 hours) of in-class or direct faculty instruction, which may include up to 50 minutes of final examination time;

b. 1800 minutes (30 hours) of out-of-class student work.

2. Externships and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours must include at least an equivalent amount of work as in section 1 above.

3. If a course meets for more than the minimum number of minutes or requires more than the minimum amount of work, no additional credit will be awarded beyond the approved amount.

4. The Curriculum Committee and the faculty will designate the number of credits that each course will carry. Course proposals should explain expectations for the amount of in-class instruction, direct faculty instruction, and out-of-class work by students.

5. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will schedule courses in a manner appropriate for the designated amount of credits and length of the academic term. Academic terms typically are of the following length:

a. Fall and Spring semesters: 14 weeks of classes and an appropriate final examination period.

b. Maymester session: 2 weeks of classes and an appropriate final examination period.

c. Summer sessions: 8 weeks of classes and an appropriate examination period.

d. Winterim term: 1 week of classes.

6. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may make interpretations of this policy, and the faculty may amend this policy.

Updated: August 2018.