Auditing A Course

Currently enrolled students may be permitted to audit an elective course offered by the Charleston School of Law.1 However, a student who audits a course will receive no academic credit for the course and may not later take the course for a grade. Students who wish to enroll in a course for credit are given priority over students who wish to audit the course.

Students who have permission to audit a course must satisfy all requirements that the professor teaching the course determines are appropriate for a successful audit. Students must also comply with the Law School’s attendance policy. If a student exceeds the number of absences allowed for the course he or she is auditing, the student will be withdrawn for absences and will receive a grade of “WA” on his or her transcript for the course. A student who satisfies the professor’s requirements for the course for a successful audit and who complies with the attendance policy will receive a notation of “AU” on the student’s transcript.

To audit a course, a student must take certain steps before the end of the Drop/Add period for the semester or session in which the student wishes to audit a course:

1. First, students must obtain the permission of the faculty member teaching the course;

2. Second, students must obtain approval from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who will determine whether there is space available in the course and whether there is a compelling reason for the student to audit the course.

Students who enroll in a course for credit will not be permitted to change their status to “auditing” after the Drop/Add period without the approval of the Associate Dean. Such changes will be approved for good cause only as determined by the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean may consult with the faculty member if she or he believes that the faculty member may have information bearing on the request for the change. In any case, the faculty member will be notified by the Registrar before the student is informed that the change has been granted.


[1] In certain circumstances, students may audit a required course after they have satisfactorily completed the course.

Updated: August 2018.