Academic Catalog and Student Handbook: Addendum

The updates and additions listed in this Addendum apply to the 2020-2021 Charleston School of Law Academic Catalog and Student Handbook.


Professional Licensure Information can be found here.

The address for the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education is: 1112 Lady Street, Suite 300, Columbia, SC 29201, Telephone (803) 737-2260,

The address for the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education is: 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654, Telephone (312) 988-6738,

For the Spring Semester 2021: Descriptions for courses not currently listed in the Academic Catalog and are being offered on the Spring Semester 2021 schedule, can be found here.

For the Maymester and Summer 2021 sessions, information and links to courses not currently listed in the Academic Catalog can be found here.


In the section on Admission, this statement has been added:

Pursuant to ABA Standard 502, all J.D. students are required to have on file with the Law School their official transcripts of prior academic study no later than October 15 (for Fall starts) or four weeks after the start of classes (for Spring starts). Students who do not comply with this rule will be administratively withdrawn from classes and their offer of admission revoked. Any extraordinary circumstances that prevent compliance with this policy must be documented and approved by the Dean.

The section on Grading Ranges for Law School Classes has been revised with regard to mandatory grade-point-average course ranges and the removal of the provision whereby a professor may assign the grade of F to up to 5% of the course enrollment without affecting the mean.

The policy on Academic Probation, Academic Dismissal and Requests to be Readmitted has been replaced with this policy, Academic Probation, Academic Disqualification, and Requests for Reinstatement.

The section on Repeating Courses has been updated:

The right of a student to repeat or to be reexamined in a course is limited as follows:

    1. A student may repeat any course from which s/he withdrew and received a “W” for the course.
    2. A student who receives a grade of “F”, “W”, “WA”, or “WF” in a required course must repeat the course.
    3. In all other cases, a student shall not be permitted to repeat any course without the approval of the Academic Standards Committee. The Committee may grant such approval only upon a showing of appropriate circumstances (and never for the sole purpose of allowing the student the opportunity to pursue a higher grade for the same course or to improve the student’s grade point average).
    4. In the case of repetition of a course, both the original grade earned and the grade earned on repetition shall be reported on the transcript and computed as part of the student’s cumulative grade point average.
    5. In the event the committee grants a petition under subpart (3), a student shall not aggregate credit hours towards the graduation requirement, but credit hours shall count for purposes of the total number of credit hours a student can take in any term.

The course description for all courses listed as Moot Court Competition (course numbers 841, 8411, 842 & 8421) and the number 12 in the policy on Guidelines for External Moot Court Competition Credit are adjusted to reflect that the course does not satisfy the Skills Requirement.

An introductory paragraph has been added to the Upper-Level Writing Requirement which reads:  “Students should complete their Upper-Level Writing Requirement before their final semester. A student must have satisfied his or her upper-level writing requirement by the end of the final examination period in the term the student intends to graduate.”

The below sections in the Upper-Level Writing Requirement have also been updated:

  1. c.: the phrase “and reflects the scholarship in the discipline” has been deleted.
  2. a. & b.: the word “paper” has been replaced with “document.”

The below section in the Independent Study Guidelines has been updated:

2.a.: added: “The student must submit an outline of the paper to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in advance of approval of the project showing what the paper will cover.”


The information on Maritime Honors has been updated:

Maritime Concentration and Honors Designations

Graduating J.D. students with 12 or more credit hours in maritime designated courses (Admiralty I and II are required for this designation) will earn the Maritime Concentration designation. Graduating J.D. students with 12 or more credit hours in maritime designated courses (including Admiralty I and Admiralty II) and a grade point average of at least 3.3, the equivalent of cum laude honors, in those maritime designated classes may receive an honors designation in maritime law.

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