Student Testimonials

Edward C. Zayas, Jr., Class of 2015

“I chose to attend the Charleston School of Law because of its mission of public service. Charleston School of Law’s pro bono creed mirrors that of my life and ideology. I have a deep desire to address inequities affecting lower-class and visibly identifiable minorities.  I wanted to attend a law school that would enable me to provide a voice for individuals who are unable to retain impassioned quality counsel and I believe Charleston Law provides that solid foundation for those aspiring attorneys who desire to do the same.”

“After serving for nine years in the Army I began looking for a law school that was military friendly and close to my family and friends. Charleston Law fit perfectly because it offered me the opportunity to utilize my Chapter 33 GI Bill® and was one of the few schools that offered Yellow Ribbon Scholarships up to 100 percent for Veterans.”

“The faculty, staff, and administration are very approachable and an integral part of the school. Professors maintain an open door policy and are more than willing to take time out of their schedules to sit down and chat. The faculty and staff are actively engaged in the student body and support numerous student organization events throughout the year. Charleston School of Law’s family-like atmosphere separates it from other similar law schools. There are not too many law schools where the professors know each student by his or her first name.”

“My goal is to practice in the fields of Personal Injury and Criminal Law and then serve as a deputy prosecutor for the International Criminal Court.”

Dennis Muhammad, Class of 2014

“When I chaperoned two of my students to Minority Law Day at Charleston School of Law in March of 2008, a new opportunity presented itself. The outreach from the Office of Diversity Initiatives and the law students I met that day made me feel like the Charleston School of Law was the validation I needed to pursue a law degree. The words from Judge Carr’s speech were imprinted in my mind when he stressed the need for more African-American lawyers in South Carolina and the Charleston School of Law’s commitment to outreach. The opportunity to attend a law school that had the foresight and courage to reach out to people like me who are older and have with a family and a career by pursuing law as a second career was invigorating. This gives those who are in a career a second opportunity to serve our communities on a higher level.”

“Given the efforts of the Office of Diversity Initiatives, I stayed connected through its outreach programs, which were instrumental in motivating me to prepare for law school. I made a commitment to help keep Charleston School of Law connected to the community. Bringing Diversity Fellows to schools like the Military Magnet Academy to inspire middle and high school students to consider law as a career; sponsoring programs like the Civics and Law Academy and Minority Law Day are invaluable investments in the future legal minds of the Charleston community.”

“Charleston School of Law is an institution that brings inspiration and a freshness to the Charleston community. The School’s decorum, culture, and presence fit with the community. The Office of Diversity Initiatives keeps Charleston School of Law linked to the community. I relish this opportunity to be a part of Charleston School of Law’s young history as a student and a Juris Doctor candidate for the Class of 2014.”

Evelyn Palomo-Siliezar, Class of 2014

“The Charleston School of Law reminds all law students that they are members of the legal profession and we are held to a higher standard of professionalism and civility. The balanced curriculum affords every student the opportunity to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in community service activities and perform pro bono work with local non-profit agencies. Personally, working with the Office of Diversity Initiatives has been a privilege.”

“The Office of Diversity Initiatives is fiercely dedicated to encouraging minorities and under-privileged youths to pursue a career in the law. My participation in programs such as the Civics & Law Academy has allowed me to see the immediate positive impact on the high school students. Within hours of entering a law classroom, these students become inspired and motivated to pursue what once seemed unattainable. The success of these programs is also attributed to the unwavering support of the administration, faculty, and staff.”

Derek Bush, Class of 2014

“My experience at the Charleston School of Law has been nothing short of amazing!  Throughout my short two-and-a-half years at the law school I’ve made great friends and colleagues, and feel as though the law school has become a second home and my colleagues have become my second family!  These feelings were grown exponentially through my experiences with the Office of Diversity Initiatives.  In working with the Office, directed by Professor Gammons, I was given the opportunity to foster and grow relationships with students from all backgrounds!  While involved with the Office of Diversity Initiatives I was able to take part in a Diversity Town Hall meeting and witness the beginning of the Latino Law Students Association (of which I am a member).  I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities that I have been given and all the growth within our school that I’ve been a part of through my involvement with the Office of Diversity Initiatives!”

Brian Burns, Class of 2014

I could not imagine getting a better legal education experience anywhere else in the country. The Charleston School of Law–and the Office of Diversity Initiatives in particular–make the school a diverse and vibrant place to learn the law and establish the skills required to be successful in the school and legal profession. I strongly encourage all of those considering the Charleston School of Law to come visit. I am deeply grateful for the work that has been done to build this place into the it.