Podcast: Paul Lund

Charleston School of Law Professor Paul Lund joins us on the latest edition of the podcast.

Lund is celebrating 15 years as a professor of law at Charleston School of Law. On this episode of the podcast, Lund shares his passion for the practice of law, teaching, and music.

Charleston School of Law: The faculty/student relationship is one of our distinctives at Charleston School of Law. It’s part of our culture. What have you learned from students?

Paul Lund:  I’ve been doing this now for a very long time and it feels like every day is a learning experience for me and hopefully for the students, but for me as well. I think what they bring is different experiences, different perspectives, different ways of looking at particular issues … It is definitely a mutual learning experience.

Charleston School of Law: How do you spend your free time, your weekends?

Paul Lund: My biggest passion away from the law has always been music. I’m not really sure how that began … I was never in a rock band or anything like that, but I’ve always been really drawn to music. It started when I was around 15. I lived in a city in Florida called Lakeland, Florida, which is about halfway between Tampa and Orlando … I saw Elvis Presley. I saw Queen when I was in high school. I saw the Rolling Stones, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd two days before they had that fatal plane crash.

Charleston School of Law: You have been able to creatively incorporate music in the classroom. I’ve been told you often begin a class with like a thematic song based on a topic that you’ll be teaching that day. How, when, when did that start for you?

Paul Lund: It started when I was at a school that had the technology in the classroom (Appalachian School of Law in Virginia). Then I continued it when I came here … hearing music kind of motivates me. I think overall students have enjoyed it. And I think it’s something that students tend to look forward to and they may not recognize the music that I’m going to play, but I think they still enjoy it.

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