Spring Break classes rewarded students for staying safe on their week off

While many higher education institutions canceled spring break in order to keep students from potentially catching and spreading COVID-19, Charleston School of Law incentivized students to stay safe. The law school offered two one-hour courses designed to engage students, with the hope that they would opt to stay home and not travel during their break.

By all accounts, the spring break program — dubbed “Marchmester” — was a huge success.

Dean Larry Cunningham offered a class on prosecutorial ethics and Professor Dylan Malagrino taught one on current issues in sports law; both courses carried one credit. In addition, Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Success Dyann Margolis gave 3Ls an opportunity to get a jump on studying the bar with free workshops.

A total of 116 student took advantage of the opportunity to study during Spring Break.

Professor Malagrino had 22 students sign up for his class and said, “All 22 students had perfect attendance and attended class on-time and for the entire class period, in-person. I thought the entire course was a success.”

Dean Cunningham said he had similar success with his class.

 “I was impressed by the level of participation and engagement by the 36 students in my class,” said Cunningham. “They worked through difficult problems and issues faced by prosecutors and had an opportunity to explore how prosecutors can promote criminal justice reform.”

When students returned from break, they were able to ensure they were Covid-free via a test kit drop-off site, part of the law school’s commitment to keeping the school community safe and healthy.

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