Charleston School of Law’s incoming dean receives commendation from NY State Bar Association

MAY 21, 2020 — Picture of Dean Larry CunninghamAs Larry Cunningham prepares to take over as Dean of Charleston School of Law on June 30, 2020, he has been wrapping up his obligations in New York. As an educator at St. John University’s Law School, Cunningham has been a visible presence in New York’s legal community, serving for many years with the New York State Bar Association, which recently voted unanimously to award him a commendation for his work. In a letter to Cunningham, they noted:

For years, you served with distinction in leading and serving on the Committee on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar of the New York State Bar Association. As the nation’s largest volunteer bar association, you were at the forefront of ensuring numerous achievements on behalf of legal educators not only within New York State but around the country. In particular, your dedication to students as the next generation of attorneys was exemplary and will serve to pave the path for their future achievements within our profession.

“This commendation speaks to the exceptional qualities Larry brings with him to the Charleston School of Law and the wider South Carolina legal community,” said President Ed Bell. “The bar praised him for his dedication, fortitude, and service of others — all qualities we hope to instill in our students. His leadership in this area will serve as an excellent example of our our motto at work — pro bono populi, for the good of people.”

Read more about Larry Cunningham and see his introductory video message to faculty and students here.  

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