Student Spotlight – Michael Tadros

Michael Tadros, 3L Michael Tadros headshot

Undergraduate School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hometown: Bayonne, N.J.

1) Why did you choose Charleston Law?

After applying to law school, I had a few options. Some schools offered me a really competitive scholarship, others were closer to home, while others had great professors. Only one school offered me a great scholarship, a beautiful city to call home, and some of the best law professors in the nation. That school was Charleston Law. Out of all the acceptances I received, Charleston Law was the only school that took the time to call me and personally accept and welcome me to law school. I was sold after that phone call from Dean Bell. That level of connection along with a generous scholarship and great education had me book my ticket to Charleston the next day.

2) When did you first know you wanted to become a lawyer?

I did not actually want to be a lawyer growing up. I went to a vocational high school and was in the computer engineering department. In undergrad, I was a computer science major. Towards the end of my first year, I was exposed to a seminar that discussed major Supreme Court opinions throughout American history and how those decisions influence day-to-day life. Something in that seminar made me realize that the law has the ability to impact people’s lives in such a profound way. The following semester, I made the switch to be a history major. My goal was to be a professor and teach legal history at a post-secondary institution. The summer between my sophomore and junior years, I interned for a superior court judge and saw first-hand the law in action. I came back to school the following semester and checked out all the LSAT study aids in the library.

3) If you could have one superpower to help you through the three years of law school but that’s all, what would it be?

One superpower is just not enough! I need super strength to carry my casebooks; super speed to read hundreds of pages every night; invisibility to avoid the cold calls; ability to stop time so I can study longer; and ability to speed up time to finish my J.D. The list will never end! I think the one superpower that I would pick would be a photographic memory.

4) What is one thing you appreciate most about Charleston Law that may not be apparent to people outside the school?

While I was attending a prospective student open house, a current student described Charleston Law to me as being part of her family. I did not understand it at first, but I understand it now. I truly believe that Charleston Law has become an extension of my family, which people outside the school sometimes do not realize. There will be days, sometimes even weeks, during law school when you will be spending more time with your professors and peers than your parents and relatives. My daily interactions in law school have been the building block of a relationship with my classmates and professors that is akin to a family. The connection and personal relationship we all share is what make Charleston Law so unique.

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