Student Spotlight – George Graham

George Graham, 2LHeadshot of student George Graham

Undergraduate School: South Carolina State University

Hometown: Conway, S.C.

1) Why did you choose Charleston Law?

A personal phone call from Dean Jacqueline Bell notifying me of my acceptance showed me that students come first. You are not one of many here, but you are one of one.

2) What do you most want to accomplish with your legal degree?

I want to use my legal knowledge to assist others with their legal issues, whether it’s helping an indigent defendant, a nonprofit organization, or someone who retains me to represent them in litigation or criminal defense.

3) What do you enjoy doing in Charleston when not in class or studying?

I enjoy walking down King Street or reading on a bench at the Battery.

4) What is your best advice for new law students?

Take a deep breath and exhale – you are going to be okay! Develop study habits and learn what works for you. If you are not already using a calendar, invest in one now and stick with it. Meet with your professors in the beginning of the semester so that you will not fall behind later in the semester. Always remember to take time for yourself because the academic schedule may be hectic. Take advantage of the Barrister Breaks and events that take place on campus. Lastly, study hard but also enjoy your law school experience.

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