Student Spotlight – Lani Frost

Lani Frost headshot

Lani Frost, 3L
Associate Editor-in-Chief, Charleston Law Review

Undergraduate School: Augusta University

Hometown: Grovetown, Ga.

1) Why did you choose Charleston Law?

Charleston has always been like a second home to me because my family frequently vacationed here while I was growing up. Throughout my whole life, I told my family I would never move away from home with one exception, Charleston! Choosing to go to law school here was the best decision I have ever made.

2) What do you most want to accomplish with your legal degree?

I have always had a heart for helping people. Earning my legal degree will allow me to help people who have been wronged or hurt to recover something they may have lost or gain peace of mind in hard times. Lawyers are in a position to have a positive impact on people’s lives and bring about changes for the greater good, and that is what is most exciting about this career.

3) What do you enjoying doing in Charleston when not in class or studying?

I enjoy walking around near the Battery downtown or Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant with my friends. The best moments in Charleston are when you can stop for a moment to enjoy a sunset and the stillness of downtown when everyone is out eating dinner and all of the local businesses close down for the evening. I also love paddle boarding on Shem Creek and eating at restaurants with outdoor seating and a good view!

4) What is your best advice for new law students?

My advice is to be careful of trying to do too much and burning out. I know that everyone gives this advice in the beginning, but I suggest you take it. In hindsight, I think that I could have afforded myself a few more breaks here or there rather than burying myself in a book 24/7 or participating in as many law school-related activities that time afforded me. Make sure that you are taking time to do the things that you love and enjoy outside of school (in moderation) for your peace of mind!

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