2019 Maymester and Summer Sessions: New Courses

For the Maymester and Summer Session 2019, the following new courses are being offered:

  • 652 – Critical Issues Seminar, 2 Credits
    • The course will examine how law and public policy interact and inform solutions to some of the critical issues of our time. This course is graded Pass/Fail.
  • 682 – Intellectual Property Transactions, 2 Credits
    • This course will provide students with the framework of intellectual property practice areas (trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secrets) and the processes used to secure an owner’s rights in the property and how to transfer those right. The course will focus mainly on practical applications, as students will learn how to file registrations as well as draft assignment and licensing agreements for each relevant practice area in intellectual property.
    • Satisfies the Skills or Drafting Requirement.
  • 7240 – U.S. Constitutional History through the Civil War, 3 Credits
    • This course examines the history of constitutional development and change in the United States from the found period up to and including the Civil War and the constitutional amendments thereafter (up to the 15th Amendment).
    • Satisfies the Upper-Level Writing Requirement.
  • 7850 – Land Use Controls, 2 Credits
    • In this course, students examine basic land use regulations generally, and not solely South Carolina-specific laws. The course goals and objectives are to teach basic methods of legal analysis required for the students to learn the four pillars of land use controls: nuisance, servitudes, zoning, and takings (all four of which are bar-tested topics). I think students will benefit from the material in this course because the students will learn the rights and obligations that arise from these land-use, property laws. For example, the content of nuisance law is set down, essentially but not entirely, by common law courts. Servitudes are defined primarily by private law arrangements. Zoning is largely legislative, requiring a good understanding of politics and statutory analysis. And, takings law, including eminent domain and inverse condemnation, requires constitutional analysis. All of these methods of land use controls are alive and well, and (as I mentioned above) are bar-tested, as such this course will provide a useful survey of several substantive, doctrinal, and lawyering skills that our students should master, and serve as a capstone course prior to graduation and in prep for the bar exam.
  • 8345-S – Summer Externship, 5 Credits
    • Students must complete at least 260 hours of work in the field at the externship placement. Students are to be in the field each week of the semester. Onsite hours are to be allocated each week throughout the entire semester and shall not be completed prior to the last week of classes. Students will also participate in approximately seven hours of class and faculty-guided reflection during the semester.
    • Please note information about out-of-state externships, found here.
  • 873 – Current Issues in Marijuana Law, 1 Credit
    • Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in the country for recreational use. Increasingly, cannabis is being considered for medical and therapeutic use as well. While possession of cannabis remains a crime under federal law, many states now have medical and recreational laws permitting some use of the substance. This course will take an in-depth look at the competing approaches to regulating marijuana as well as the rationales behind these approaches.
  • 936 – Human Trafficking, 1 Credit
    • This course offers a broad overview of human trafficking law and policy as well as practical strategies for criminal prosecutions and civil litigation. Among the topics covered will be human trafficking in various forms such as labor trafficking; sex trafficking of minors; and, sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion. The course will examine various human trafficking statutes, both state and federal, in discussing litigation strategies.

Please note: Information, including course descriptions, about the courses offered through the co-sponsored Stetson Summer Abroad Programs for Summer 2019 can be found here.