Study abroad programs provide great opportunities for law students


The Charleston School of Law offers students study abroad programs through a partnership with Stetson University College of Law. Studying abroad is a great option, where students can travel to exotic locations and earn course credits.

Destinations include Argentina, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. To view more details about these programs click here. Students also have the option of participating in study abroad programs through other ABA accredited law schools.

All programs co-sponsored with Stetson Law cost between $9,000 and $12,000, and information for students seeking financial aid is available.

Scott Anthony, a 3L, traveled to Argentina with Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Kirk Grant and 18 other students this past summer. Anthony, who has previously participated in three other study abroad programs, said it was Grant who inspired him to choose this program for the summer. He encourages other students thinking about participating in study abroad programs to make it work.

“Do not worry about the program being directly related to what you think you want to do for a career. Just find a location you want to go to and select interesting classes. The perspective and exposure to different legal styles and norms will help your critical thinking,” said Anthony.

“Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with broad avenues, wonderful Spanish, French and Italian food; and steakhouses that cannot be beat.  Wonderful art culture also.  The weather is winter in our summer, and much like Charleston’s winters—mild and cool,” said Grant.

Studying abroad allows students the opportunity to observe foreign courts, learn about international legal systems and enjoy other cultures.

If you are interested in studying abroad, please visit the School of Law’s website to read about the requirements for studying abroad and to fill out the necessary paperwork for permission to study abroad. For additional information, contact Dean Margaret Lawton in the Office of Academic Affairs.

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