Book a Study Room

Room Reservation Policy

  • Study Rooms are reserved for use by CSOL faculty, staff, students and recent graduates (considered recent graduates till the first administration of the Bar Exam after their graduation).
  • Rooms are booked in half-hour increments.
  • A Study Room may be reserved up to one day in advance by a group of two or more persons for a total of three hours per day. Multiple individuals in the same study group may not reserve a study room on the same day, but if the group wishes to remain in the room after the initial reservation period and the room has not been reserved, they may come to Circulation and renew the key for up to three additional hours, have their names entered into the reservation system, and continue to use the room. The group may continue to renew the key in up to three hour increments for as long as the room is not reserved.
  • Reservations are limited to three hours per day per student.
  • An individual student may check out a Study Room key at Circulation for use during times when the room is not reserved for group use, but may not reserve a room in advance. If a group reserves a Study Room occupied by an individual student, the Circulation attendant will retrieve the room key and ask the student to vacate the room.
  • Groups with reservations have priority over use of the reserved Study Room by individuals or by groups after their reserved time period.
  • Study Room keys must be checked in and out at Circulation. Keys for reserved rooms will be held at Circulation for 15 minutes from the starting time of a reservation, after which the failure to pick up the key at Circulation will lead to the reservation being canceled. After cancelation, the room will become available for others to use.
  • All groups and individuals must promptly exit a Study Room that has been reserved. Overdue room keys may not be renewed.
  • Please cancel with the link provided in your email at least 30 minutes prior to your start time, to allow other students the opportunity to book the room. Repeated non-cancellations will result in you being denied future room bookings.
  • Failure to comply with the Room Reservation Policy may result in loss of the privilege to make room reservations.
  • Regular library rules apply to the Study Rooms. No smoking or tobacco products are permitted.
  • When students are finished using a Study Room, they should turn off the lights and return the key to Circulation.