Fall 2016 Entering Class


Students entering in the fall 2016 class at the Charleston School of Law are a well-qualified and diverse group.

Total Full-time applications: 1,100
Number Enrolled: 184

Total Part-time applications: 125
Number Enrolled: 16

Did You Know?

Age range. The median age of first-year full-time students at the Charleston School of Law is 23 years. But the school is home to first-year students who range from 19 to 52.

In-state vs. out-of-state. Thirty-one percent (33%) of the school’s full-time students are South Carolina residents.

Gender split. Women outnumber men in the full-time program by a 111-73 margin.


The following chart highlights LSAT scores and grade point averages for the fall 2016 entering class:

75th percentile* LSAT/GPA

  • Full Time: 149/3.32
  • Part Time: 153/3.13


  • Full Time: 144/3.02
  • Part Time: 144/2.99

25th percentile LSAT/GPA

  • Full Time: 142/2.70
  • Part Time: 141/2.74

(*75th percentile means the top 25 percent of the entering class had a score of 149 or better.)


  • Colleges and universities represented in the fall 2016 entering class: 130 for full-time students; 13 for part-time students.
  • South Carolina residents: 33 percent of full-time class; 50 percent of part-time class.
  • Gender: 40 percent male, 60 percent female in full-time class; 25 percent male, 75 percent female in part-time class.
  • Median age: 23 in full-time class; 31 in part-time class.
  • Age range: 19-52 in full-time class; 22-52 in part-time class.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Office of Admission by email, info@CharlestonLaw.edu, or by phone, 843.377.2143. Click here for a printable version