Johnson to head law school’s new outreach programs

MAY 25, 2017  |  Charleston lawyer Rutledge Johnson, a former state assistant attorney general, has been named director of outreach programs at the Charleston School of Law as part of a new initiative to provide more real-world experience to law students.

Johnson, a 2010 alumnus of the law school, will lead the program out of the law school’s Woolfe Street facility adjacent to its main campus.  Students who are picked to participate in the externship program over the summer will be paid to work with active attorneys on case and public policy initiatives that seek to redress significant issues.  Two subjects will be addressed this summer:

Prison reform.  Students will work with Johnson and other law school faculty members to develop public policy initiatives to address prison reform in South Carolina.  Issues include work to improve living conditions, provide better mental health care and bettering education inside the system to reduce recidivism.

“Not only do we need to work to explore ways to improve conditions at South Carolina’s prisons, but our students can use this new program to develop policy alternatives that can help inmates come out of incarceration and be ready to be productive citizens,” Charleston School of Law President Ed Bell said.

Camp Lejeune water contamination.  Thousands of people stationed for a generation at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina experienced cancer-causing effects of water poisoning.  Students will work with lawyers involved in the case to develop strategies to help victims to recover and address losses that ruined families.

“The students will be conducting interviews with Marines who served at Camp Lejeune and their families to determine the environmental exposure impact they experienced,” Bell said.  “This study will be used to make recommendations to the U.S. Congress as to what can be done to assist and help the victims with this environmental disaster.”

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