Diversity Week at the Charleston School of Law

This week, the Charleston School of Law celebrated Diversity Week.  The theme was “Working together for Solutions.”  The Director of the Office of Diversity Initiatives, Debra J. Gammons, stated that “diversity strengthens all of us.  Here at the law school, out in the community, and throughout South Carolina, it is imperative that we see each other and work together to bring about positive changes.  We do not have separate races; we have one race.  We are a part of the human race.  And the human race is made of all sexes, all genders, all ethnicities, all ages, all geographic locations.”

The law student panel on Tuesday explored the topic of immigration, and the students shared their eye-opening experiences as immigrants and children of immigrants.  During Wednesday’s session, Attorney Stephanie Brinkley explored artificial reproduction technology and the legal dilemma of same-sex parents seeking to have children.  Marco Torres, attorney; Susan Rosen, attorney; and Melissa Moore, Executive Director of We are Family, explored a wide facet of equality issues – from rights of females in the workplace to rights of gay youth and rights of people charged with crimes – on Thursday’s panel.

Diversity Week – Tuesday Panel
Diversity Week – Wednesday Panel
Diversity Week – Thursday Panel