Conditional Admission Program (CAP)

Conditional Admission Program (CAP)

The Conditional Admission Program (CAP) offers law school applicants with a low LSAT score and/or GPA the opportunity to earn a place in the J.D. program at the Charleston School of Law. The program introduces participants to the rigors of legal study and assists in evaluating their ability to perform in the J.D. program.

Participants in CAP are enrolled in two online law school courses. The courses are Defamation in the Internet Age and Land Use Controls. Each course meets two hours a day, Monday through Friday, with quizzes and a final examination. The program is intense. In order to successfully complete CAP and law school, participants will be required to put forth their best efforts and make a strong and sincere commitment.

Success in CAP guarantees admission to the J.D. program at the Charleston School of Law as part of the next entering class. Successful completion of CAP requires participants to actively participate in and pass both CAP courses. CAP students must earn a minimum of a “C” in each course and have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.

All CAP results are final and non-appealable. Neither the professors nor the school’s administration may change grades once they are posted. Students who participate* in CAP and are unsuccessful are not eligible to apply to the Charleston School of Law unless they have retaken the LSAT and scored significantly higher than their previous highest LSAT score. Additionally, CAP students who are not successful are not eligible to participate in CAP again.

*Participation is defined as being enrolled in CAP classes the first day of the program.