Maymester and Summer 2018 Assessment Schedule

All required courses must include at least two interim assessments counting together at least twenty (20%) of the students’ class grade. Assessments must include multiple choice and essay questions to prepare students for the bar exam.

  • Conflicts: It is highly likely that students will have more than one assessment on a given day. Unless students have two assessments scheduled at the same time, or three assessments in one day, there will be no rescheduling. If a student has two assessments at the same time, on the same day, one assessment will remain at the scheduled time and one will be moved to a different time block on that same day.
    • A student who has such a conflict should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for rescheduling through the on-line request form. Requests to reschedule must be made at least one week prior to any conflict.
  • Please note: All proctored assessments may be no more than one hour in length.  Please see the schedule below for the maymester and summer semester assessments.
Assessment #1 Schedule
Thursday, May 17Professional ResponsibilityGutting
1:00 PMTBD
Friday, June 8Torts IIAnastopoulo10:00 AMTBD
Tuesday, June 12Civil Procedure IILund10:00 AMTBD
Contracts IIEberle1:00 PMTBD
Thursday, June 21Wills, Trusts and EstatesMalagrino1:00 PMTBD
EvidenceLund3:00 PM TBD
Criminal LawPhillips3:00 PMTBD
Criminal ProcedureHarrington5:00 PMTBD
Assessment #2 Schedule
Thursday, May 24Professional ResponsibilityGutting
1:00 PMTBD
Tuesday, July 3Torts IIAnastopoulo10:00 AMTBD
Friday, July 6Civil Procedure IILund10:00 AMTBD
Contracts IIEberle1:00 PMTBD
Friday, July 13Wills, Trusts and EstatesMalagrino9:00 AMTBD
EvidenceLund11:00 AMTBD
Criminal LawPhillips1:00 PMTBD
Criminal ProcedureHarrington1:00 PMTBD