Fall 2018 Assessment Schedule

All required courses, except for Professional Responsibility, must have at least two interim assessments counting together at least twenty (20%) of the students’ class grade; Professional Responsibility is only required to have one assessment. Assessments may be no more than one hour in length.

The Conflict & Rescheduling Policy for Assessments can be found here.

Assessment 2 Schedule

Friday, November 2
Constitutional Law (A)Phillips8:30 amB221
Constitutional Law (B)Merkel8:30 amB220
Constitutional Law (C)Gammons8:30 amB219
Constitutional Law (D)Merkel8:30 amB223
Sales (A)Marcantel 8:30 amB333
Sales (B)Steadman8:30 amB224
Wills, Trusts & Estates (A)Williams10:30 amB332
Wills, Trusts & Estates (B)Andrews 10:30 amB219
Criminal Procedure (A)Lawton10:30 amB223
Criminal Procedure (B)Harrington10:30 amB222
Civil Procedure (A)Stuart1:00 pmB221
Civil Procedure (B)Lund 1:00 pmB224
Civil Procedure (C)Janssen1:00 pmB223
Civil Procedure (D)Janssen1:00 pmB219
Torts (A)Zisk3:00 pmB221
Torts (B)Smith-Butler3:00 pmB224
Torts (C)Zisk3:00 pmB223
Torts (D)Smith-Butler3:00 pmB219