Fall 2017 Exam Information

The final exam period for fall 2017  is:

  • Tuesday through Saturday, December 5 – December 9, and
  • Monday through Saturday, December 11 – December 16.

Students should plan to remain on campus until the end of the exam period in the event unforeseen circumstances necessitate an exam rescheduling.

  • For information about exam rescheduling due to conflicts, please read the policy here.
  • For information about Interim Assessments, please click here.

Information about non-proctored exams will be posted in September.

Proctored Exam Schedule

Rooms marked with an asterisk denote an exam being held in the same room with another exam beginning at the same time.

Friday 11.17.2017Bluebook ExamAll LRAW Sections1:00 pmTBA
Monday 12.4.2017Reading Day
Tuesday 12.5.2017Secured TransactionsMcCullough9:00 amB333
Tuesday 12.5.2017Civil Procedure - AJanssen1:00 pmB221
Tuesday 12.5.2017Civil Procedure - BStuart1:00 pmB223
Tuesday 12.5.2017Civil Procedure - CLund1:00 pmB333
Tuesday 12.5.2017Civil Procedure - DJanssen1:00 pmB224
Wednesday 12.6.2017Business Associations - AMendales9:00 amB332
Wednesday 12.6.2017Business Associations - BBatla9:00 amB333
Wednesday 12.6.2017Arbitration PracticeWilhoit6:00 pmB332
Wednesday 12.6.2017SC Family Law*Current6:00 pmB333
Wednesday 12.6.2017Pleadings & Practice - B*Kahn6:00 pmB333
Wednesday 12.6.2017Copyright LawJameson6:00 pmB224
Thursday 12.7.2017Evidence - ALund9:00 amB223
Thursday 12.7.2017Evidence - BShealy9:00 amB224
Thursday 12.7.2017Evidence - CShealy9:00 amB221
Thursday 12.7.2017Commercial Law - AMarcantel1:00 pmB223
Thursday 12.7.2017Commercial Law - BMendales1:00 pmB224
Friday 12.8.2017Torts - AZisk9:00 amB333
Friday 12.8.2017Torts - BZisk9:00 amB224
Friday 12.8.2017Torts - CZisk9:00 amB223
Friday 12.8.2017Torts - DSmith-Butler9:00 amB221
Saturday 12.9.2017Conflicts DayScheduled by Academic Affairs9:00 amB333 and B332
Monday 12.11.2017Professional Responsibility - ASwicegood1:00 pmB224
Monday 12.11.2017Professional Responsibility - BGutting1:00 pmB333
Monday 12.11.2017Professional Responsibility - CPhillips1:00 pmB221
Monday 12.11.2017Sports Employment LawKaufman1:00 pmB332
Tuesday 12.12.2017Wills, Trusts & Estates - AWlliams9:00 amB333
Tuesday 12.12.2017Wills, Trusts & Estates - BAndrews9:00 amB224
Tuesday 12.12.2017Contracts - AMarcantel1:00 pmB333
Tuesday 12.12.2017Contracts - BMcCullough1:00 pmB223
Tuesday 12.12.2017Contracts - CStuart1:00 pmB224
Tuesday 12.12.2017Contracts - DBrown1:00 pmB332
Wednesday 12.13.2017Constitutional Law - APhillips9:00 amB333
Wednesday 12.13.2017Constitutional Law - BGammons9:00 amB223
Wednesday 12.13.2017Constitutional Law - CMerkel9:00 amB224
Wednesday 12.13.2017Constitutional Law - DMerkel9:00 amB221
Wednesday 12.13.2017Elder Law Practicum*Condon1:00 pmB333
Wednesday 12.13.2017Intellectual Property*Jameson1:00 pmB333
Wednesday 12.13.2017Federal Income TaxGutting1:00 pmB221
Thursday 12.14.2017Criminal Law - AGammons1:00 pmB223
Thursday 12.14.2017Criminal Law - BLawton1:00 pmB224
Thursday 12.14.2017Criminal Law - CPhillips1:00 pmB221
Friday 12.15.2017Property - AMalagrino9:00 amB333
Friday 12.15.2017Property - BWilliams9:00 amB221
Friday 12.15.2017Property - CMalagrino9:00 amB223
Friday 12.15.2017Property - DMalagrino9:00 amB224
Saturday 12.16.2017Conflicts DayScheduled by Academic Affairs9:00 amB333 and B332