Required Courses

The following courses are required:

First-Year courses:

  • Contracts I & II;
  • Property I & II;
  • Torts I & II;
  • Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I & II;
  • Civil Procedure I & II; and,
  • Academic Skills.

Upper-Level courses:

    • Bar Preparation [see notes below];
    • Business Associations;
    • Constitutional Law I & II;
    • Criminal Law;
    • Criminal Procedure;
    • Evidence;
    • Professional Responsibility;
    • Sales [replaces Commercial Law];
    • Secured Transactions;
    • Wills, Trusts & Estates; and
    • Legal Skills.
  • Other course requirements:
    • Satisfactory completion of the Upper-Level Writing Requirement;
    • Satisfactory completion of a designated Skills Course; and
    • Satisfactory completion of a designated Drafting Course.
  • The registration material for each semester or session will designate courses which satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement, the Skills Requirement, and the Drafting Requirement.  Each of these requirements is separate from one another and must be satisfied by separate courses.

Bar Preparation Course Requirement

For Students Matriculating prior to August 2017

Students who fall into the two categories deemed statistically “at-risk” for bar passage, the Bar Preparation Course is required.  The two categories are:  (1) LSAT score below 148 and (2) 1L GPA below 2.4.

For Students Matriculating on or after August 2017

Students are required to successfully complete the Bar Preparation Course prior to graduation. Full-time students receiving the distinction of Presidential Scholar after successfully completing thirty (30) credit hours or part-time students receiving the distinction of Presidential Scholar after the successful completion of three (3) semesters are exempt from this requirement.