Required Courses for Students who entered in August 2014 and thereafter

For Students who entered the law school in August 2014 and thereafter, the following courses are required:

First-Year courses:

      • Contracts I & II;
      • Property I & II;
      • Torts I & II;
      • Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I & II;
      • Civil Procedure I & II; and,
      • Critical Practice Skills I.

Upper-Level courses:

“At Risk” Academic Status

Students who, entering their last semester of law school, fall into two out of the three categories[2] deemed statistically “at-risk” for bar passage are required to take certain courses:

  • The Bar Preparation Course; and
  • As designated in the course registration materials:
    • An Insurance course;
    • An Equity course; and
    • A Domestic Relations course.

[1] The registration material for each semester or session will designate courses which satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement, the Skills Requirement, and the Drafting Requirement.  Each of these requirements is separate from one another and must be satisfied by separate courses.

[2] The three categories are:  (1) LSAT below 148; (2) 1L GPA below 2.4; and, (3) cumulative GPA below 2.7.