Externship FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions concerning the Externship Course

Am I required to take the Externship Course?

No. The Externship Course is an elective, however, it does qualify as a Skills Course, and you are required to take a Skills Course.

What happens if I cannot find an externship site on the site list that is of interest to me?

In this circumstance, the Externship Director will assist you in finding a suitable externship site. You should schedule a meeting with the Externship Director.

What if I locate an externship site not on the site list? May I extern at this proposed site?

You must draft a one-page proposal describing the proposed site, identifying the site supervisor, and outlining the site supervisor’s plans to help you meet the externship course requirements as set forth in the above-referenced Guide to Becoming an Extern. The proposal should be submitted to the Externship Director for approval at least 30 days prior to the start of the registration period for the semester during which the externship is to be completed.

Since I am able to apply up to six hours of externship credit toward graduation, may I extern at the same site more than once?

No, you may extern at an approved site only one time unless there is a very rare circumstance that might necessitate a second externship at the same site. The Externship Director, after review, must give you permission to extern more than once at the same site.

Can I get paid for externing at the site?

No. Externs may not be compensated by the site during the time they are completing their externship. Should you be asked by your site supervisor to remain at the site after the externship hours have been completed and receive compensation from the site, you must obtain permission from the Externship Director before accepting the offer.  The Externship Director will want to know prior to approving the request that you have completed your hours of work and have submitted to your faculty sponsor all timesheets, journals, writings and evaluations.

What expenses are associated with the Externship Course?

You must register for the Externship Course and pay the required Charleston School of Law tuition. Other expenses may include transportation costs to and from the externship site and the costs of parking.

If I am externing for a judge, will I also be working with their post-graduate clerks?

Yes.  Many judges have wonderful post-graduate clerks working in their chambers. When externing for a judge, you will work closely with the post-graduate clerks.  The clerks may give you assignments, review your work and help evaluate your externship.

What is the typical dress for externs?

Externs should wear dark suits and dark business shoes. White shirts and conservative blouses are acceptable. Externs should avoid flashy ties and jewelry. You will receive further instructions concerning appropriate dress and demeanor at your externship orientation conducted by the Externship Director.

Please read the Guide to Becoming An Extern for more detailed information.