Clinical Externship Program

Launched in the fall 2016 semester, the clinical externship program offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the legal profession while still in law school.

Who can participate in the program?

Second and third-year students may enroll in the clinical externship class.

Why is the program unique?

Unlike other law school programs, students will not go to externships with law firms and judges. Instead, the Charleston School of Law has partnered with the Bell Legal Group to bring the attorneys to the classroom. The class is taught by the attorneys who are involved with the cases the students will be working on.

How are students gaining hands-on experience?

Students will be assisting with real cases. Under the supervision of a law professor, third-year students will participate in depositions, pretrial motions, preliminary hearings and other proceedings. Second-year students will assist with research for the case.

What types of cases will students work on?

The class will work on the George Stinney Jr. case as well as post-conviction relief, medical malpractice and automobile accident cases. All of the clients in these cases will be represented by the Bell Legal Group, and students will work pro bono for all of the clients.

The Clinical Externship Program in the news: